The company

Fair immigration is a consulting firm founded in 2014. The company’s main objective is to provide a quality immigration consulting services at a fair and honest price. We represent clients from around the world who requires immigration assistance for themselves and for their families.

Immigration demands has increased significantly in the past few years. Restricted immigration rules from the part of the Canadian government can complicate your goal to immigrate to Canada. In this context, Fair Immigration offer’s an innovative and personalized approach to the Canadian immigration system.

Guided by our convictions and by being authentic in our approach, we can assure you that you will be able to rely on competent qualified immigration experts.

Our qualified team will support you throughout the immigration process and make sure that you receive all the information’s needed for your profile.

In order to establish your eligibility for the immigration programs, we offer the opportunity to assist to a 30 minutes preliminary assessment interview (in person or via skype or phone).

Analysis of your personal status without charging any fees. Our immigration experts will evaluate your eligibility to one of the immigration programs. It will help you to decide if it is realistically possible for you to invest your savings and reach your personal objectives.

We can count on diverse collaborators who allow us to provide all the accurate and up to date information’s for different situations such as the refugees, status issues, economic immigration, family reunification and education in Canada.

We are dedicated to making your immigration application a success. You deserve to know about the best options and possibilities available to immigrate to Canada.

We also offer services to employers:

  • Advice on hiring foreign workers
  • Search for temporary or permanent foreign workers
  • Contacts with potential candidates
  • Preparation of application for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

You have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

With our professional advising services, representations and conferences, we want to help you to minimize the challenges, the confusion and frustration that are often associated with the application process. 

The evaluation of your situation is free of charge.