Hundreds of study programs are available

• Professional training

• College diploma

• University diploma

Studying in Canada means obtaining a recognized diploma all over the world. You can experience a unique multicultural experience in a safe country with beautiful scenery. Each year, more than 250 000 international students choose to study in Canada.

Graduates from Canadian institution can apply for permanent residence in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or in the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

We can help you to find a quality educational program in an educational institution recognized by the government of Canada.

Get information about:

  • Eligibility for a study permit
  • Documents required to apply
  • Cost of the studies in Canada
  • How to apply for permanent residence after your studies

We can explain how to apply for permanent residence when you have a Canadian diploma.


  • Application for a study permit
  • Obtaining a letter of acceptance from a recognized educational institution
  • Extension of study permit
  • Application for a post-diploma work permit
  • CEC et PEQ to obtain permanent residence

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