Problems in Canada with the CBSA or IRCC? Asylum seekers?

Mr. Fournier has over four years of experience as a Senior Immigration Officer and he has taken hundreds of decisions for the Canadian government. He was a specialist in complex cases for IRCC and took decisions in cases of Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA), status issues and Humanitarian and compassionates considerations applications (H&C).

Now he can put this experience to work for you

In 30 to 40 minutes we can tell you what your status in Canada is and explain you clearly what your options are. This appointment is free and does not commit you to anything. It will help you to understand your situation and take the best decisions for yourself.

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Problems in Canada with the CBSA or IRCC? Asylum seekers?

  • You received a letter stating that you must report to the CBSA office?
  • You are afraid of being detained and removed from Canada?
  • You want to apply for asylum? Your application has been refused?
  • You have a serious problem and you do not know what to do?

We can help you

Call us at the following number: 514-390-2731

Fair Immigration takes care of you:

  • Refugees and Protected Persons
  • Appeals to the IRB
  • Persons without status
  • Revision of detention
  • Temporary residents and permanent resident who lose their status
  • Humanitarian Considerations (H&C)
  • Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)
  • Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)
  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)