Immigrate to Canada


Canada selects qualified immigrants for permanent residence based on their ability to settle in Canada and participate in the economy of the country. In 2015, Canada changed its economics immigration programs and rules to select qualified candidates.

Express Entry

Since January 2015, qualified foreign workers who wish to immigrate to Canada must apply under the Express Entry program. This program is currently the gateway to accessing Canada’s major economic immigration programs. Once in the Express Entry candidate’s pool, you have access to thousands of job opportunities and you can try to get a validated job offer to support your application.

Express Entry programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Specialized Worker Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • The Provincial Nominee Program with the exception of Quebec

When a candidate is invited to apply for permanent residence in one of the Express Entry programs, the government’s processing time is only six months or less.

To receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry program you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Have a validated job offer
  • Be nominated by a province or territory of Canada
  • Be among the best ranked in the pool of candidates based on your skills and experience

Contact us or write at and we will explain in detail if you have the skills and experience to apply in the Express Entry program.

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Programs of Québec

Quebec has its own immigration programs for skilled workers. Our consulting firm is located in Montreal and most of our local clients live in Quebec. We have a good knowledge of the province and a strong expertise in dealing with Quebec cases.

If you want to settle in Quebec, you must apply in one of the programs offered by this province:

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (local and international)
  • Quebec Experience Program (for Quebec’s students and workers)

The next opening of the Quebec Skilled Worker program will be in 2017. The number of files accepted by the government is very limited. We can prepare your file in advance and make sure that your documents are ready by the time the government announces the opening of the program.

If you work in Quebec or have studied in Quebec, you may apply for permanent residence now.

If you get a validated job offer from a Quebec employer, you can apply at any time in the Quebec Skilled Worker program.

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In few minutes we will be able to evaluate your situation