Immigrate to Canada


Canada has an open and affordable immigration policy. Also, it is one of the countries that offer the best standard of living in the world.

To evaluate the applications, several factors are considered. The main ones are age, work experience, training and knowledge of English and French. Check out how you can:

General information

    • There are many resources that can provide you with information and assistance when you want to visit, immigrate or seek employment in Canada.

Visit Canada as a tourist:

Canada welcomes more than 15 million foreign tourists each year. Being the second largest country in the world, it offers diverse landscapes, recognized national parks and cities that combine history, modernity and multiculturalism. In addition to being distinguished by its many tourist attractions, Canada is also one of the safest countries in the world.

You want more information before coming to Canada? See the following government websites:

Find a job in Canada:

In addition to the information you can find online, several organizations offer job search training sessions, resume writing workshops and other services to help you to find a job.

Investing or starting your business:

You want to start your business or invest in a Canadian business? We can refer you to experienced specialists in the field of immigrant entrepreneurs and investors.

      • Information about the programs for business people
      • Create your own business in Canada
      • Contacts with companies seeking funding

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Immigrant aid organizations:

Several organizations are dedicated to helping newcomers to Canada and offer a wide range of services and information to facilitate your settlement.

Whether you want to learn English or French look for accommodation, or know about education, health care and transit systems, an organization can help.